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The Speakers Institute team strive for creativity, collaboration and community; Creating people of influence by being positively influential people themselves.

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Sam Cawthorn


For over 10 years, Sam Cawthorn has served as a leading inspirer to renowned world and business leaders, and organisations. He has an unrivalled ability to distil complex strategies into simple and powerful models that can be applied immediately to produce measurable and lasting results. Sam’s thought leadership is in resilience and speaker training and his message to not bounce back but BOUNCE FORWARD through difficult times has reached people from around the world. As a professional speaking coach having trained professional speakers around the world to get their message heard while being commercially smart, he has been featured in USA Today and the New York Times and has been rewarded for his strategic intellect and business acumen. He is the 2009 YOUNG AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR for Tasmania, the 2015 EDUPRENEUR OF THE YEAR, and a Certified Speaking Professional by the Association For Professional Speaking.

In October 2006 Sam’s life changed forever when he was involved in a major car accident, where he was pronounced DEAD. He was thankfully resuscitated, but left with an amputated right arm and a permanent disability in his right leg - and it this journey that enabled him to develop a mental resilience that gave him the tools to miraculously recover from his accident. Sam generously shares what he discovered on his journey with audiences who are captivated by his every word. Sam has a diverse background within the Australian Federal Government as a Youth Futurist and is a highly skilled musician, and one of the only people in the world who retaught himself to play the guitar with an above elbow amputation.

Sam has been honoured for his business acumen, strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavours having started his own charity supporting children who live with a disability in developing worlds. He has the unique ability to transform impossibilities into possible realities. You only need to speak with Sam’s audiences to understand how powerful Sam truly is… and he does all this with the most advanced bionic arm in the world that he brags about being able to program with his iPhone 6.

Sam walks his talk, and it is through his experience that his authentic message is heard. After all we only have one life…


Kate Cawthorn

Head coach 

Kate Cawthorn listens and then acts. She is genuine, caring and considerate - the perfect attributes as our Relationship Manager. Kate is here for YOU and takes pride in building strong and positive relationships between clients and the Speakers Institute. 

Kate is also a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, and is trained to help you understand and unpack your full potential through understanding your own unique gifts and talents. Kate offers one on one coaching and also facilitates group sessions within our events. With close to a decade of experience in the Professional Speaking Industry, Kate is able to hear you out and then unleash the power within you to succeed.

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Josh Hallam

General Manager

Josh Hallam is passionate about his family, sport and
operational excellence. Josh sets out every day with the goal of raising the standards at every level of the organisation and to ensure the quality of our business practices is at the same world-class standard as our training programs.

Josh is MBA qualifed and led one of Australia’s leading Sports Development organisations for over 10 years
before joining the leadership team at Speakers Institute.

He loves leading the team and the business unit at Speakers Institute where he thrives in an environment where no two days are the same.


Jodie Spiteri-James

Programs Director And Gallup Strengths success Coach

Jodie is all about people, strategy, efficiency, and making a difference with a purpose and passion. As our Program Manager she is in her element.

Jodie spent 20 years in Book Publishing as Sales Director and Managing Director until she realised the further up the corporate ladder she was the more removed she was from making a difference to the lives of others. So Jodie exited from the publishing world, qualified as a Coach and NLP Practitioner and transitioned into the wonderful world of personal development.

At Speakers Institute Jodie ensures our programs and courses are a transformational client experience which is world class.

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Phuong Phan

Sales and marketing consultant

Phuong is all about empowering people and getting them up and taking action. Her purpose in life is to help people uncover their purpose and everyone has a story inside them that it should be shared to help people understand that life is all about making a difference. Phuong is a Sales and Marketing Consultant and she is passionate in this area.

Phuong has spent 15 years in education helping over seven thousand people find their purpose and has built three businesses in the fitness industry to help peoples wellbeing and build a place where people can belong. Phuong sold her businesses and started a whole new chapter in life coaching and entered the speaking industry world. 

Being amongst the Speakers institute industry she has found a new love to helping people realise being in proximity with a world class Speakers Institute is the best way to learn on building effective communication, confidence and certainty and it doesn’t matter what industry you are in.

Dan Searle

Sales and marketing consultant

Dan Searle is a former tradesman turned entrepreneur. After nearly 10 years working in the fly-in/fly-out world as an electrician, Dan hung up his hard hat and began on a never-ending journey of personal development.

Since leaving his trade, Dan has successfully completed several property developments, actively trades stocks on the ASX, while aspiring to be a speaker, trainer and coach.

Dan is one of our personal growth consultants at Speakers Institute and is committed to giving you the best advice possible to help you on your way through your own personal development journey.


John Lee


John Lee delivers information, like a boss. Anyone who requests information from the Speakers Institute, gets it. As a CRM specialist who can put any customer detail to good use, John ensures the Speakers Institute provides extraordinary and practical value, every time.

Having been a full-time geek since high school, John continues to successfully collaborate all his software knowledge (including video editing) and puts it to use to serve. John's admin motto is simple - leave all clients personally acknowledged and delighted in all interactions.

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Steph Greaves

Events Coordinator

Steph Greaves loves making people happy and is passionate about her family and friends as well as dance.

She sets out every day with the goal of successfully making a difference. As Events Coordinator, Steph makes a difference every day through planning, organising and delivering world-class events for Speakers Institute across the globe.

Combined with her studies, Steph has embarked on a journey where she can combine her passion for making a difference to people with her expertise in event management.  

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Ruchi Sethi 

Executive assistant

Ruchi Sethi is a philanthropist, an Entrepreneur & Sam Cawthorn's Executive Assistant. She adds value to peoples life  by helping them learn about their strengths, potential and possibilities. 

She believes in making a difference by giving back to the society as it comes back to her many folds. A post graduate from Xaviers Insitute of Communications, Mumbai ; she is born to an Army officer and today enjoys the same life as an Army wife. 

Ruchi has contributed through her work all over India and other parts of Asia. She works very closely with some of the worlds best Speakers/coaches/trainers and stand up comedians.

Ruchi is also a certified Access Bars practitioner. 
To get in touch with Ruchi, write to her at ruchi@samcawthorn.com/ ruchi@ruchisethi.com

Van Alden Enriquez

PhDI Team manager & web designer

Van studied B.S. Materials, Sciences and Engineering at the Mapua University in the Philippines. But he fell in love working on digital, web, and mobile based solutions when he was working for a few national projects in Ateneo de Manila University. He also got his international diploma as a Professional Digital Marketer in Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland. 

Sam met Van during his first visit in the Philippines and hired him as an outsourced web designer and team manager who will work remotely at Cornerstone Business Solutions, located at Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines. 

At present, Van's role and core contribution to Speakers Institute is in process improvement, updating websites, and developing all digital platforms and initiatives, whilst managing and assisting other team members.

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Erika Angeline Carreon

PhDI Digital marketing specialist & events

Erika is positive person who loves to see the bright side of life. She shares her silent mantra to her peers to “always look on the bright side”. She believes that no matter what happens, good or bad, life goes on despite the greatest of challenges, because she knows that these are all temporary. 

Erika has also made helping, a part of her lifestyle. She is always willing to offer her assistance. She is always ready to help her peers and her attitude has kept the team intact despite all the challenges.

Jaypee Gopez 

PhDI Graphic designer

Jaypee graduated with a Degree on Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at AMA Computer College known as the first ICT university in the Philippines and in Asia. With great work and effort, Jaypee was able to support and provide quality and top notch deliverables including demonstrations and training for Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with his fellow designers in order to share the experiences during the past years of his profession.

At present, Jaypee is engaged with Speakers Institute as a Graphic Designer where his responsibilities include branding, designing of catalogues, layouts and other marketing materials required.

Carl Figuracion 

PhDI CRM Specialist, Software Engineer

A positive person, who has an enthusiasm that is contagious. Pumps others with excitement on what they are doing or going to do. Packs a lot of Ideas as well, he's fascinated by ideas and is able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.

He is very passionate about other people, doesn't want others to feel left out and he then makes an effort to include them.

Faced with issues and problems, he practices great strategic planning and creates alternative ways to proceed, can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues taking place.

He believes and has faith that there are links between all things, that almost every event has a reason and purpose. As a CRM specialist, his key role on Speakers Institute is to create and strategise campaigns in managing different clients chuba chenes.

Marlou Mupas 

PhDI Back-End Developer

Marlou has a passion for the Internet and the digital world which began at a very young age when he dabbled with creating websites using HTML. Since then Marlou have been hooked on creating elegant, usable and effective websites. He is a Achiever and Analytical thinker, he always want to learn new things and working with passion.

As a Back-End Developer on Speakersintitute, his responsibilities is to manage all SI websites ensuring that content is up to date and accurate. Ensure all websites are in line with SI Branding guidelines with quality and to maintain/update all the websites to the current trends on Internet World.

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Katrina Casuga  

PhDI Video editor

Katrina is a video enthusiast and very passionate with what she does -- video editing. Having an extensive of experience in the said field, Katrina practiced and enhanced her skills through video editing TV programs, infomercials, and more, in a local television in the Philippines.

Currently, Katrina is spreading great works at Speakers Institute and she also guarantee that her videos will be delivered perfectly and will touch people's hearts.

So you would like to be a person of influence too? Yes, we thought so.