Refining and defining your message to have it heard powerfully, commercially and globally. It's what we do.

Our 18 month Protege Program has been created and designed by global super-successful speakers, business leaders and speaker bureaus and bookers all for one reason, and one reason alone; to take your message and turn it into a powerful, global and commercial voice.

This 18 month curriculum incorporates each of the two Advanced Bootcamps and nine One Day Intensives giving you 12 days face to face training. Plus Proteges have access to our online learning platform - Protege Central which has over 400 hours of valuable content.

Our 18 month Protege Program includes:

Protege Central:-

+ Live Events: Speaker Bootcamps

*All events are three full days in duration. Please refer to our events calendar for further information.

    + Curriculum: Integrated learning

      Monthly Webinar Masterclasses
    • Live monthly Q&A sessions with Speakers Institute Coaches
    The 18 month Protege Program is completed with the full support of the Speakers Institute and its coaches.

      + Coaching: Accountability

      • Monthly Accountability Forums with Speakers Institute Coaches.

      + Community: Resources & Relationships

      • Exclusive access to 'The Protege' Facebook Community
      • Lifetime access to the 'Speakers Institute' Facebook Community
      • The full support of the Speakers Institute Coaches & Managers

      The Protege Program is an intense 18 month curriculum based on industry expectation of the makeup of what makes a professional speaker. You will learn the intrinsic details of marketing, positioning, content development and Intellectual Property ownership in order to become a successful professional speaker.

      This program will deepen your skills, expand your thinking and allow you to take action on sharing your message powerfully, commercially and globally.

      Protege Brochure

      • I’ve been inspired, and I learned so much that I didn’t know. It’s been an incredible opportunity for me. I’ve been speaking for a very long time in a different context and this has put all the puzzle pieces into place such that I have become the person I want to be, so thank you.
        Melinda Edwards - Managing Director at MeWise
      • Oh it was just an amazing transformational experience. I totally found myself. I found my power. I found my mission and I am going to rock it. You need to do this course. It will change your life. The Team are brilliant. I thank you for the experience.
        Daniela Birch – Entertainer & Radio Guest Speaker
      • I’ve done a lot of training - a lot of personal development over the years but this was something really different to anything I’ve done before on so many levels. It really gets you outside your box in terms of your thinking. It helps you clarify. It helps you with your direction. It helps you question a lot of things both in your personal and professional life. But despite all of that there is a great supportive environment that is very different to any other professional development course I’ve done before.
        Sharon Richens – CEO at Concept Rehab
      • It’s truly been a life-changing experience - one that you learn a heap about professional speaking as much as about yourself. Something I wouldn’t change for the world. It’s a new beginning and I can’t wait for what the future holds. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity.
        Ben Pettingill - Professional Speaker & Co-Founder of Challenge on Purpose
      • The best things about Bootcamp are being with other people who’s supportive, learning how to be a professional speaker, and learning how to take it out there and change the world.
        Rhonda Daly - YLAD Living Soils
      • I teach transformation and I’ve been transformed. If you are serious about being on the speakers circuit, and if you’re serious about gaining confidence in yourself, you need to be here. Don’t think about it. Get on the phone. Book in. Come and do it. It’ll change your life.
        Dr. Rosemary McCallun - Abundant Life Solutions
      • had a great time – learned so much from different thought leaders, speakers, and I just really feel like I got what it takes to really move my message to the next level.
        Eric Agyeman - Founder of PVBS
      • My business started today. I’m so excited I’ve been given all the tools, support and the resources I need to create the business that is in my heart to create. The world is going to hear my message and I’m so excited.
        Kylie Warry - Professional Speaker & Founder of Teamology

      A transformational journey
      awaits you. Take your first step.