What does it take to master communication? You'd be surprised. Let us show you.

Our 3 day Premiere Bootcamp combine experiential and transformative learning within an immersive environment. It is designed to give participants an understanding of the speaking industry and what it takes to be a master communicator whilst providing practical tips on how to create, design and architect their own speaking business.

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+ Foundations: Outcomes & Objectives

  • Why - Why this, why me & why now?
  • Avatar - Ideal target market & industry.
  • Positioning - How to find a position within todays saturated markets.
  • Platform - Understanding the submodalities of writing & performing a keynote presentation.
  • Packaging - Getting your content into the global marketplace.

    + Curriculum: Integrated learning

    • Pre event webinar with Sam Cawthorn
      Understanding your Strengths with Certified Gallup Strengths Coach
    • Keynote presentation framework, coaching and feedback upon delivery
    • Business basics for operating your own speaking, coaching, mentoring business
    • Live coaching from Speakers Institute Coaches
    • Transformation

      + Resources: Takeaways

      • Bootcamp Activity workbooklet
      • HD Recording of presentation delivery & feedback
      • HD Recording of professional presentation delivery
      • Professional Photographic Head Shot
      • Speakers Institute Resource USB
      • Copy of Bounce Forward written by Sam Cawthorn
      • Speakers Institute Premier Bootcamp completion certificate

      Whether you are a professional that wants to speak at your industry conferences and events, a thought leader or expert who wants to position themselves as an authority in their field, or in transition that has a story to share and wants to learn how, our Bootcamps provide the tools and systems needed to fast-track your message to the world in a commercially viable way.

      Download PDF Brochure HERE


      • I'm taking away a lot of wonder connections, wonder lessons, and a lot of knowledge. A lot of knowledge has opened my mind in various different dimensions on how to address certain issues - how to go about in the right direction which I've been searching for in the last 6/7 years.
        Abbas Ali - International Actor
      • The best thing about Bootcamp would definitely be the presenting and getting live feedback straight away. It was amazing. That way straight away I can make those changes so that my presentation becomes just so much better. Loved getting that raw honest feedback.
        Adele Martin - Founder of Firefly Wealth
      • This is a great experience to learn about the industry, the skillsets, and the methods of keynoting while working at pace towards building your own sense of purpose and bringing your story to the world.
        Jason Borowicz - Auckland Council
      • Young or old, the information, skills and practice will enhance your presentations greatly. You will be challenged and have great fun. Loved it!!
        Peter Kronborg - Chairman, Wise Council Associates
      • Sam will work with your own personal strengths and give you the practical tools and insights which will set you apart and present you as a true professional and authority in your field. This is not a passive talk fest as there is active participation throughout the entire process. Sam generously and professionally shares his expertise and guidance which is echoed by his outstanding support team.
        Randa Habelrih - Professional Speaker
      • Sam Cawthorn’s Bootcamp is absolutely amazing. I’ve been speaking for 5-6 years now and I’ve learned so much over these 3 days. It’s just phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. If you think you’re good at speaking out there, you can take it to the next level. You really must do this Bootcamp if you want to take the stage and get noticed.
        Warren Tate - Keynote Speaker & Coach
      • The best thing I’ve taken away from Bootcamp is that I do have a message that other people want to hear. It was an awesome weekend. I’m so glad that I did it and I recommend it to everybody.
        Sandra Turner - Principal at Favoured Outcomes
      • Sam's Bootcamp is a must do for any aspiring speaker! The weekend is full of relevant information that I have not found anywhere else. The people are inspirational and so supportive, and I have come away not only with amazing knowledge on how to own that stage, but also with life friendships! I am in love with the community that Sam creates, and am inspired to attend every other Bootcamp coming up this next year!
        Ani Wilson - Professional Speaker

      You can see yourself at Bootcamp? So can we!