We are the interagent between Speakers and Speaker Agents such as Speakers Bureaus.  

Our Advanced Platform Bootcamp is for advanced speakers who want to move from where they are to become a paid professional speaker at a high commercial level. Getting regular highly paid speaking engagements, or being an outstanding level of professional speaking. This is why we polish and refine our message on the first day, master charisma and finesse performance on the second day and then on the third day we bring out the lights, cameras and agents for you to master your 12 min performance for impact and bookability.

We must ensure, that in your future, you are never undervalued, never under recognised and never underpaid.

The most influential people in the world are masterful communicators on stage and on camera and get paid well for it. Throughout this Advanced Bootcamp you will learn the fine and subtle art of world-class Professional Speaking so you get booked and re-booked as a professional speaker. The depth and breadth of powerful platform communication is a science and art. Professional Speaking takes hours of platform mastery and understanding human movement and clarity of articulation. Let's take things to a whole new level!


+ Foundations: Outcomes & Objectives

  • Formation - Constructing & delivering an outstanding keynote.
  • Initiation - Mastering the 'Art of the Start'.
  • Revamp - Polishing your intro and outro.
  • Benchmark - Reverse-engineering 'world class' keynotes.
  • Finesse - Giving your best every time, under pressure.

    + Curriculum: Integrated learning

    • Pre event webinar with Sam Cawthorn.
      Further understanding your Strengths with Certified Gallup Strengths Coach.
    • Keynote study: what makes a keynote extraordinary?
    • How to create your keynote in 'chunks'.
    • Secrets to story telling mastery.
    • Practical delivery experience of keynote.
    • Non verbal communication training and application.
    • Live speaker showcase infront of family, friends and industry professionals.
    • Live coaching from Speakers Institute Coaches PLUS peer feedback.
    • Transformation.

      + Resources: Takeaways

      • Bootcamp workbooklet
      • HD Recording of presentation delivery & feedback
      • HD Recording of professional presentation delivery
      • Speakers Institute Platform Bootcamp completion certificate


      • Sam has helped me get into the professional speaking industry and has taught me things like stagecraft, storytelling and getting the highly-paid speaking opportunities. I recommend Sam as a excellent coach to get into the professional speaking industry
        Brad Smith – Braaap Motorcycles
      • Just on the second day I created the first page of my book which I had no idea that I could do, and I’ve made dramatic changes in my life and now leading the life that I’m born to do. It’s now going to happen. Thank you Sam and team.
        Kate Strong – World Champion Triathlete
      • Being the expert in professional speaking, Sam has been a huge wealth of knowledge for me as my own speaking has grown from strength to strength. He knows the ins and outs of the industry very well and knows how to get paid well while making a huge impact. I recommend Sam to any aspiring speaker that wants to make it big in this industry.
        Sebastian Terry – 100 Things
      • Because of the Speakers Institute’s Bootcamp I got an International TV Show Contract, Spoken in 4 countries and made over $100,000 in speaker fees. If you want to get your message out powerfully and want the right opportunities & connections GET YOURSELF TO BOOTCAMP.
        Tony Attridge – Authority Fitness Trainer
      • I learnt more in 5 minutes then what I did in a years mentoring program. The Speakers Institute has the best speaker trainer I’ve ever experienced.
        Alison Buttenshaw – Professional Trainer & Speaker
      • I was about to sell my business as I had no idea where I was going. In less then a year I now have total clarity made nearly $1 million dollars in the last 4 months alone. Everything I have now stemmed from joining the Speakers Institute speaker program.
        Sarah Cordiner – Edupreneur
      • I’ve had a great time here at The Speakers Institute Program with Sam Cawthorn and his awesome team. To see people transformed before our eyes in their speaking abilities was wonderful. So much good training, it’s been an awesome time.
        Mark Bilton – Corporate Executive
      • Thoroughly inspiring and crafted with just the right amount of humour, drama and showmanship. Thanks for your magnificent effort in closing the Convention (NSA – National Speaker Association)
        Lindsay Adams - President International Federation for Professional Speakers

      The stage is waiting for you. So are we.