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In just 3 years, Shivi now has a 1.4 million dollar business and is free 4 days per week to do what he wants. He thanks Speakers Institute for getting him there! (2).png
In just 3 years, Shivi now has a 1.4 million dollar business and is free 4 days per week to do what he wants. He thanks Speakers Institute for getting him there! (3).png
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  • Sam and the Team at Speakers Institute have helped me get into the professional speaking industry and have taught me things like stagecraft, storytelling and getting the highly-paid speaking opportunities. I recommend Speakers Institute as a excellent coaching institute to get into the professional speaking industry.
    Brad Smith, Founder of Braaap Motorcycles
  • Just on the second day I created the first page of my book which I had no idea that I could do, and I’ve made dramatic changes in my life and now leading the life that I’m born to do. It’s now going to happen. Thank you Sam and team.
    Kate Strong – World Champion Triathlete
  • Being the expert in professional speaking, Sam has been a huge wealth of knowledge for me as my own speaking has grown from strength to strength. He knows the ins and outs of the industry very well and knows how to get paid well while making a huge impact. I recommend Sam to any aspiring speaker that wants to make it big in this industry.
    Sebastian Terry – 100 Things
  • Because of the Speakers Institute’s Bootcamp I got an International TV Show Contract, Spoken in 4 countries and made over $100,000 in speaker fees. If you want to get your message out powerfully and want the right opportunities & connections GET YOURSELF TO BOOTCAMP.
    Tony Attridge – Authority Fitness Trainer
  • I learnt more in 5 minutes then what I did in a years mentoring program. The Speakers Institute has the best speaker trainer I’ve ever experienced.
    Alison Buttenshaw – Professional Trainer & Speaker
  • I was about to sell my business as I had no idea where I was going. In less then a year I now have total clarity made nearly $1 million dollars in the last 4 months alone. Everything I have now stemmed from joining the Speakers Institute speaker program.
    Sarah Cordiner – Edupreneur
  • I’ve had a great time here at The Speakers Institute Program with Sam Cawthorn and his awesome team. To see people transformed before our eyes in their speaking abilities was wonderful. So much good training, it’s been an awesome time.
    Mark Bilton – Corporate Executive
  • Thoroughly inspiring and crafted with just the right amount of humour, drama and showmanship. Thanks for your magnificent effort in closing the Convention (NSA – National Speaker Association)
    Lindsay Adams - President International Federation for Professional Speakers
  • I’ve been inspired, and I learned so much that I didn’t know. It’s been an incredible opportunity for me. I’ve been speaking for a very long time in a different context and this has put all the puzzle pieces into place such that I have become the person I want to be, so thank you.
    Melinda Edwards - Managing Director at MeWise
  • Oh it was just an amazing transformational experience. I totally found myself. I found my power. I found my mission and I am going to rock it. You need to do this course. It will change your life. The Team are brilliant. I thank you for the experience.
    Daniela Birch – Entertainer & Radio Guest Speaker
  • I’ve done a lot of training - a lot of personal development over the years but this was something really different to anything I’ve done before on so many levels. It really gets you outside your box in terms of your thinking. It helps you clarify. It helps you with your direction. It helps you question a lot of things both in your personal and professional life. But despite all of that there is a great supportive environment that is very different to any other professional development course I’ve done before.
    Sharon Richens – CEO at Concept Rehab
  • It’s truly been a life-changing experience - one that you learn a heap about professional speaking as much as about yourself. Something I wouldn’t change for the world. It’s a new beginning and I can’t wait for what the future holds. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity.
    Ben Pettingill - Professional Speaker & Co-Founder of Challenge on Purpose
  • The best things about Bootcamp are being with other people who’s supportive, learning how to be a professional speaker, and learning how to take it out there and change the world.
    Rhonda Daly - YLAD Living Soils
  • I teach transformation and I’ve been transformed. If you are serious about being on the speakers circuit, and if you’re serious about gaining confidence in yourself, you need to be here. Don’t think about it. Get on the phone. Book in. Come and do it. It’ll change your life.
    Dr. Rosemary McCallun - Abundant Life Solutions
  • had a great time – learned so much from different thought leaders, speakers, and I just really feel like I got what it takes to really move my message to the next level.
    Eric Agyeman - Founder of PVBS
  • My business started today. I’m so excited I’ve been given all the tools, support and the resources I need to create the business that is in my heart to create. The world is going to hear my message and I’m so excited.
    Kylie Warry - Professional Speaker & Founder of Teamology
  • I'm taking away a lot of wonder connections, wonder lessons, and a lot of knowledge. A lot of knowledge has opened my mind in various different dimensions on how to address certain issues - how to go about in the right direction which I've been searching for in the last 6/7 years.
    Abbas Ali - International Actor
  • The best thing about Bootcamp would definitely be the presenting and getting live feedback straight away. It was amazing. That way straight away I can make those changes so that my presentation becomes just so much better. Loved getting that raw honest feedback.
    Adele Martin - Founder of Firefly Wealth
  • This is a great experience to learn about the industry, the skillsets, and the methods of keynoting while working at pace towards building your own sense of purpose and bringing your story to the world.
    Jason Borowicz - Auckland Council
  • Young or old, the information, skills and practice will enhance your presentations greatly. You will be challenged and have great fun. Loved it!!
    Peter Kronborg - Chairman, Wise Council Associates
  • Sam will work with your own personal strengths and give you the practical tools and insights which will set you apart and present you as a true professional and authority in your field. This is not a passive talk fest as there is active participation throughout the entire process. Sam generously and professionally shares his expertise and guidance which is echoed by his outstanding support team.
    Randa Habelrih - Professional Speaker
  • Sam Cawthorn’s Bootcamp is absolutely amazing. I’ve been speaking for 5-6 years now and I’ve learned so much over these 3 days. It’s just phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. If you think you’re good at speaking out there, you can take it to the next level. You really must do this Bootcamp if you want to take the stage and get noticed.
    Warren Tate - Keynote Speaker & Coach
  • The best thing I’ve taken away from Bootcamp is that I do have a message that other people want to hear. It was an awesome weekend. I’m so glad that I did it and I recommend it to everybody.
    Sandra Turner - Principal at Favoured Outcomes
  • Sam's Bootcamp is a must do for any aspiring speaker! The weekend is full of relevant information that I have not found anywhere else. The people are inspirational and so supportive, and I have come away not only with amazing knowledge on how to own that stage, but also with life friendships! I am in love with the community that Sam creates, and am inspired to attend every other Bootcamp coming up this next year!
    Ani Wilson - Professional Speaker
  • I’m left with terrific confidence in my own ability to do what I want to do best, which is being a master of ceremonies. The training is first class, and I can’t recommend the course highly enough.
    Michael 'Bones' O'Connor - Master of Ceremonies
  • Professionally I learned a lot about the professional speaking industry and what was involved, like the actual mechanics on how to put together a keynote and breaking into the industry. On the personal level I found what I had inside myself; the message and the clarity I needed in order to deliver that message. Really opened my eyes to what I could achieve. Looking forward to a bright future as a professional speaker.
    Tommy Marshman - Former Australian Soldier
  • , I can see myself being a public speaker being out there using all the techniques, tips and tricks that Sam has unveiled. I’m equipped to move into a life that will take me places - see people; meet people; conserve the animals that I love; and just take myself on a journey together with my family. I get to make life special. I can’t say a bigger thanks to Sam.
    Anna Brasher - Founder of Anna Brasher Psychology
  • I’ve experienced a learning framework where everyone contributes and everyone benefits. Throughout the whole weekend they add value to us and we add value to each other. Then we can go out and add value to mankind to create really significant change to affect people’s lives in a positive way. I know that this is what I want to do. And the others who are in this course with me are all committed to the same thing. So if you want to create change, these guys are the best to help you do that. It’s been a ball. It’s been a blast. And I look forward to working with these guys in the future.
    Mark McConville - Comedian and Founder of Comedy Unlimited
  • For me it's just increased my confidence in what to do when I get up on stage in front of the people I speak with. Now after learning the methodology we started to apply from yesterday, I just can't wait to put this in practice. So thank you.
    Matt Wolfs - Founder of Total Transformations
  • I just want to say thank you to Sam and the Team. This is one of the safest learning environments that I've ever been in, and also the largest growth that I feel like I've had, and how those two balance, that's a science. So I just want to say thank you for everyone's support. It's really nice to be in a group of people who push me beyond my boundaries. I don't think I ever had that before.
    Bridy Fulvio - Founder of MIND TALK
  • The best thing I've taken away from Bootcamp is being empowered to get my message out there and being able to structure it in a really congruent way with my “why”. Working with the Team has been fantastic.
    Rich Cohen - The LAB

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