Over the next few days I'll be blogging and sharing the musings I'm learning from the number #1 Speakers Convention in the world. NSA (National Speakers Association) 'Influences' Conference 2018.

After a short 1:1 breakfast with the Global President of the Speakers Federation; sharing ideas about the International Convention 2018, I joined the 50 other 'Million Dollar Speakers Group', (an invite only day) consortium of speakers sharing best practice. 

First was Dr. Nido R. Qubein professional Board Member who is the current chairman for Highpoint University, among others. Very informing about the benefits of being on a Board and the value that comes with it. 

We’re now living in an idea economy where success is defined be the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition.

Second speaker was the highlight for the morning. Bill Walsh from Powerteam International - .

Below I have dot points of value copied and pasted from my notes: 

  • (Brand new website?)
  • Instashot (Instagram video editing)
  • You must know your content: What does your customer leave with?
  • Know in advanced where you are going to move your audience: Feed very powerful questions at the start
  • Know ‘sense of urgency’ or they will not buy today: “I’m looking for 20 people today that…”
  • Throw kick ass parties for VIPs
  • (Video streaming that links with social medias)
  • 10mins of valuable content per week
  • (Great membership sites that easy to use)
  • amazon - stream video
  • (Create your media kit instantly)
  • Collective collaboration
  • Instant tele seminar
  • How can you weave your program into your story
  • Say price upfront????????
  • Active Community
  • Free Offer: OPTIN - move through to Newsletter - Constant Great Content - Membership Site $95 per month- Digital Webinar $297 - 1:Day Camp$997 - Group Coach $25000 - Private Coaching $
  • Content Diva’s
  • Create More Value for the customer
  • Facebook: ‘Likable’ (Create an event TAB)
  • (Create covers for PDFs and eBooks)
  • Always have FREE giveaways
  • Pixley & Nimble - website hacks
  • Get Motivated - Success Resources - CAN YOU CLOSE
  • How to sell: it’s all energy:
  • Questions to Promotors - Minimum numbers at events: 
  • Always a ‘0’ at the end for higher ticket items
  • Udemy & JV Zoo website content sharing
  • Unemployable Experts - Find them
  • RR DONNALLY - biggest printing company in the world

Next speaker was: Andrew Kunov - CEO & Founder Silicon Valley Innovation Centre sharing about how 40% of Fortune 500 corporates will disappear in 10 years and now we are living in an idea economy where success is defined be the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition - The next speaker was more of an interview with the ex CEO of Disneyland sharing about Magical experiences: Hear it 7 times then reenforced every 30 days. Processes, scripts and step by steps all in the processes of the company. Not just a ‘How too, video’ but a ‘Why too, videos’!

The opening Ceremony for the conference was nothing short of OUTSTANDING. 

Emmanual Kelly (singer): He was great and moved us all. Do you remember this???

Next speaker was another Australian Yassmin Abdel-Magied who wowed us with her grace and humility sharing her world of being an Muslim Woman Engineer. (I arranged dinner with her and other Australians tonight...) her TED Talk link : 

Last speaker was possibly the best speaker I have ever seen in recent years. Just amazing. His name is Derreck Kayongo: Brilliant at his craft as a speaker and had the entire audience of 1200 speakers from 18 countries, spellbound. Extraordinary to watch us all be inspired and transformed. 


Dinner with: Left to right: Demian Coorey (Futurist Speaker) , Yassmin Abdul-Magied (Activist), Travis Bell (Bucket Lists), Tim Longhurst (Futurist), Michael Margolis (Anthropologist), Sam Cawthorn (Speakers Institute)

Dinner with: Left to right: Demian Coorey (Futurist Speaker) , Yassmin Abdul-Magied (Activist), Travis Bell (Bucket Lists), Tim Longhurst (Futurist), Michael Margolis (Anthropologist), Sam Cawthorn (Speakers Institute)


Written by Sam Cawthorn - CEO & Founder of Speakers Institute

How to Sell on-Stage Downloadable Cheatsheet

Due to popular demand Sam Cawthorn has created a cheatsheet for all those who want to learn how to sell on stage and convert more than 40% of the room into a $3000+++ product. 

From professional speaker more than 12 years ago to today being one of the best selling public speakers in Australia, Sam has learnt what it takes to sell very well on stage.

Sam shares that there are a few fundamental things you must first know:

- Authenticity Trumps Everything

- People buy people first. Features and Benefits are secondary. Be real

- Vulnerability is very powerful, show your failures before your successes

Below is a PDF Download that Sam has shared for you. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE as it is Sam's Intellectual Property and was created through years of professionalism. 

He did not know his WHY...

Shivi Bhalla was just another person navigating his way through life. He had just migrated to Australia and was going through a huge transition.

He did not know his WHY? He did not know what he wanted to do? He did not know what his message to the world was.

But this all changed when he met Sam Cawthorn and the Speakers Institute.

Check out more about Shivi HERE:

We transform anyone that wants to make a difference in the world, but does not know how.

We listen to you, believe in you and then give you the tools to go out and make the difference.

We have trained Business Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Experts, Teachers, Authors, Speakers and really anyone that wants to make a difference. 

Here is a video that'll show you more about what we can do for you...

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So you are a business owner, a professional, an expert, a speaker or a thought leader and you are sick and tired of not being heard. You are sick and tired of being misunderstood, sick and tired of being undervalued, under recognised and under paid. 

You are trying to get a message, product or services into the marketplace and it's just not working successfully.

 I know how you feel...

Sam Cawthorn, the CEO and Founder of Speakers Institute, shares the frustration around not making money and finding it hard to get heard in todays marketplace. He shares the importance of focus. 

If you want to get your name out into the marketplace you focus on one thing. JUST ONE.

The greatest way to get your 'one thing' is to come to our next full day training where we will uncover the 3 unique ways to communicate effectively your one thing. We will highlight our Niche Positioning System together with our Authority Communication Framework.   


6 Secrets to Master Influence

Every Leader, Business Owner, Expert and Professional must know how to influence and persuade. 

In this short video Sam Cawthorn, CEO & Founder of Speakers Institute, shares some secrets to Influencing and persuading others through powerful communication technics.

Here you learn what the masters do to help transform your professional communication in sales and leadership. 

Would love to hear your feedback:

The Journey of Sam Cawthorn understanding Public & Corporate Speaking

Being a speaker, our CEO Sam Cawthorn, shares his journey from working for the Australian Government through to having an accident, telling his story in education, then corporate now public.

Sam shares how Public Speaking and Corporate Speaking is very different to each other. He identifies the balconies and basements of Public and Corporate Speaking.

Just a reminder that Sam Cawthorn will be speaking in your city in just a few weeks at the Zadel Property Conference. You can book in your FREE VIP ticket here: 

DECLARE- How to be memorable that gets you rebooked

Sam cawthorn blog
You don’t know it well enough if you can’t explain it simply enough

Have you ever felt that after you speak they all say that it was the best speech they have ever heard, or that they loved it and you really made a difference, but then they don’t book you again?

I hear this all the time from speakers… “They loved me”, “they said I was the best speaker that they have ever had” etc.

I have found as speakers we declare the terminology of our message and anchor this in to our audience.

Through coaching speakers for over 6 years across the world, my research concludes that that positive feedback is not good enough to get rebooked as a speaker.

The professional speakers will judge their performance from how many bookings they get from the organisers or people in the room and not necessarily from the positive feedback.

Just last week I had an email from a client saying that he was reading an article in BRW and they were talking about Bouncing Back, it was at this moment that he remembered my message and than sent me an email requesting me to speak at his staffs retreat next month. He mentioned that he had never forgotten my message on Bounce Forward he heard over 5 years ago.

“When you anchor in the right terminology into your audience they will never forget”

Here are 3 ways that will help you to have a memorable message that lasts;

1. Pause

The way you communicate your terminology phrase is important. By pausing before and after you say it and keeping your entire body locked in the one place, will ensure that the message is being caught easily by your audience.

2. Repeat and Ask

Repeating your terminology phrase continuously throughout the presentation, than asking your audience to repeat after you or even finishing off your sentences towards the end of your presentation, makes it hard to forget.

3. Declare

Using a gesture and a strong powerful voice will ensure that what you are saying will cognitively anchor in the sub-conscience to ensure stickability. Make sure you say and show it the same way each time you say it.

Your message being remembered is in the articulation and sequence of your terminology not a random approach of trying to explain your message on the cuff.

Remember that it's Chinese whispers in the marketplace so get your terminology right... Practice it and you'll become memorable!!!

True value does not always come through inspiration or amazing content, but in the memorable takeaways.


living in awe

“Being full of awe and wonder will ensure you don’t get grey hairs too early”

My father is the happiest man I know. He lives a simple farmer's life in rural Tasmania, and is 74 years old. Today he still does not have grey hair. Genetics… maybe?

With constant change, overwhelming ‘in-your-face marketing’ and being busy all the time, we lose sight of being in awe and wonder and miss the little beauties in life.

Awe and wonder express our longing and our uncertainty, our fascination and our terror. They point to the transcendent and to the limits of being human.

Researchers describe awe as “that sense of wonder we feel in the presence of something vast that transcends our understanding of the world”.

Each day how can we stop, become mindful of our surroundings, open our eyes wide and just be in awe and wonder within our current moment. When this is done you will notice that you will become more grateful, thankful and happy.

Here are 3 things you could do:

1. Don’t schedule meetings too close together. This way it’ll allow you to slow down, stop and look, to find something that you can be in awe and wonder of.

2. Close your eyes and breathe slowly a few times each day. By doing this you regain your thoughts, align your heart and when you open your eyes, you will notice things you haven’t noticed earlier.

3. Choose to enjoy nature more. There is so much beauty in this planet that we do not notice or see until we stop and look.

By doing the above, you may not have to dye your hair as much when you get older.


The only unique value proposition that separates you from every single other person on the planet, is your STORY. Not even your fingerprint is unique (research tells us). No one in the entire world has your story, not a single person.

I realised everyone has a story, and this story can inspire millions. I realised this after I started sharing my story for the first time around 10 years ago. It was at this time that I started to realise that my story has value and can inspire others.

After searching for the best coaches and mentors to teach me how to show my story well, I found a number of super successful professional speakers and began to build a professional speaking business. It was learning how to tell and show my story well that changed my career path, took me around the world and how I made my millions, just by telling and showing it well.

After years of speaking and showing my story in the global corporate world, I realised that there are many others that have powerful stories and they also must learn how to tell it and show it well.

My international client, Google, then partnered with me and we launched 'Speakers Institute' at Googles Headquarters.

I'm now on a mission to help others get their story out into the universe, just how I've done it.  Today we have inspired thousands of ordinary people, just like you, how to not only tell their stories but show their stories well. 

Your story is no longer yours to own, you have gone through the experiences in your journey for a reason and a purpose. You have an expertise and a 'natural genius' that’s been gifted to you. This all forms part of your story.

Your story is your most valuable asset and it must be told. It’s how you have transformed yourself, how you have designed your life and how you have become the person you are today. By telling and showing your story, you can showcase your true value and inspire others through your story.

If you want to just tell your story, get on the phone and tell it, record your voice and tell it, write a book or go to the library and read it.

As speakers, on stage, we must learn how to not just tell our story, but show our story. This is where learning stage positioning in order to visually represent our story helps others in our audience to truly experience the transformation of the story.

As speakers we must allow our audience to experience our story as if they are there. Take them on your journey and inspire them from within.

There is nothing greater than seeing other peoples faces when they hear a powerful story being told well - yours. Your story must be told to inspire others.

There are thousands of people that have not been through what you have been through. They are waiting for advice and value from others, such as you, to help them get through life's journey.

Show your story well. You'll inspire millions, you'll be recognised as a powerful contributor & you'll make a lucrative living telling and showing your story all while giving value. 

Be recognized. Be valued. Be paid. Share and inspire others by showing your story. The world is waiting...

We have a free one day workshop which will be held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in January 2016. Find out more HERE:

This event will be a game changer. 


Over the last 18 months I've been studying the speaking industry in all 4 corners of the globe, from the 2000 professional speakers at NSA (National Speakers Association) annual event in Washington, to Mumbai where the hottest speaking market in the world is about to boom. 

Throughout these 18 countries visited, we've discovered that there are 4 clear disruptions to the 40 billion dollar speaking industry that we will see in the next 3 years. 

1. Economic Factors

For too long many of the professional speakers have been proactive with their speaking calendars and have managed to book engagements well in advanced year after year, and sometimes with the same clients. Today with unprecedented constant rapid change in the corporate world, speakers must look at ways to be more reactive when securing speaking engagements. Straight after 911, the most booked speakers in the financial world were speakers specialising in ethics and integrity. Understanding up-to-date economic factors and where the industry is currently at, in a certain time, will assist greatly in acquiring speaking engagements in the future.

2. Influence of TED

TED and TEDx events have massively influenced the speaking industry and it's all to do with attention span and duration. Attention spans today are shorter with some of the latest research telling us that in just 20 years our attention span has gone from 1 minute to 9 seconds. Normally on a conference program, a keynote speaker will speak for 1 hour. Since the 18 minute TED Talk has come on the scene, we have decided that an idea, concept and inspiration can come in an 18 minute talk. (Obviously us speakers know better) However, the TED style talks will continue to influence the conference industry and speakers will find that they will be asked to do 45 minute keynotes or even 30 minute keynote, heaven forbid.

3. Types of Speakers 

Today, there are more speakers wanting to become paid keynote speakers. Not only is there more speakers on the market then any other time in history, the demand of quality content rich and value adding speakers from the conference industry is unprecedented. For this reason, every speaker must lift their game. The audience demand from every speaker, inspiration and content. They want you to move them as well as provide valuable take aways. They want you to connect with their hearts and minds. They want you to be intelligent and funny, witty and warm, charismatic and vulnerable. An inspirational story speaker can no longer just tell their story, the audience want tools and strategies. A futuristic speaker can no longer just educate and inform, they must move and inspire. The types of speakers and the demand of speakers are changing, the industry demands speakers to lift their game and be everything to everyone.

4. The Rise of Cyborgs

With all the latest technology embraced in most conferences today, speakers must understand how educated your audiences are before you even get up on stage. They have searched you on social media, watched your youtube clips and searched for other peoples opinion of you, even before they hear you speak. Not only this, they are tweeting about you while you speak. We all sleep within an arm length of our phone and it never leaves our side throughout the day. Each day we have the entire worlds knowledge in our pockets. We communicate to cyborgs. Recently I was at an event and they had a live twitter feed on the screen while the speaker was speaking. The speaker was average and then we saw some tweets on the screen which did no favours for the speaker or the room atmosphere, so I immediately went to the AV desk and got them to remove it from the screens. We live in a unique time where everyones opinion is heard, and as speakers we must understand that our audiences are now, cyborgs.


Sam Cawthorn is the founder and CEO of Speakers Institute, a company dedicated to transform the next generation of professional speakers in the world. Please go to 

UNFAIR ADVANTAGE - The 7 hidden secrets global leaders know about communication mastery

People today are all looking for the unfair advantage. The greatest of all advantages is having mastered communication for influence.

The best leaders know how to communicate clearly and persuasively.

Developing outstanding communication skills is the key to professional success.

Communication skills have always been instrumental for senior leaders and super successful entrepreneurs. But they’ve become equally important for aspiring leaders & ambitious entrepreneurs and are also imperative for experts and thought leaders.

Yet, these ‘high level’ communication skills are rarely taught.

Having met US Presidents, global entertainers, best selling authors, spiritual leaders and some of the best communicators in the world, I have learnt that there are 7 hidden secrets that make up a master communicator. These are:


1.     Creating Intentional Presence

First impressions matter, they always have and they always will. What is your intention of how you want to come across? Your initial presence in how you come across is imperative to mastering communication in creating the atmosphere you want around you.


2.     Consciousness

You must always be very aware of who you are talking to. What are their view and the lenses in which they listen to you? Having a consciousness of your audience and who you are communicating with, and how it lands for them, are the keys to mastering communication for influence.


3.     Pitching you

Masters of communication have a healthy ego but are not arrogant, PIE (Positive Intentional Ego). They know their value and how to communicate it effectively. They sell themselves well and can position themselves as authorities of their field. They create respect through communicating effectively their experience and skills humbly.


4.     Transcendence Connection

The greatest connectors on the planet know how to tell stories as powerful metaphors to getting their message heard, believed and actioned upon. The peak of masterful story telling is transcendent story telling. This is where the story has a sense of timelessness and can transcend it’s listeners into a moment of anticipation and curiosity that inspires transformation.


5.     Followership (knowing how to lead and people want to follow ACF)

The unfair advantage of master communicators is that they have learnt the framework to effectively communicate to engage followership. They have used this framework to get buy in and lead. We call this the ‘Authority Communication Framework’:

-        Problem: Address the problem

-        Idea: Solve the problem with a unique disruptive idea

-        Evidence: Build the evidence that supports your idea

-        Metaphor: Move the listener by telling a powerful story to get them truly connected

-        Call To Action: Give them take away and a formula to implement


6.     Non-Verbals

Research tells us that 87% of all communication is non-verbal. Mastering the non-verbals of communication is essential for any leader that must communicate effectively. Gestures, tonality, movement, eye contact, face expressions and pauses are all vital ingredients in mastering non-verbal communication.


7.     CANEG (Constant And Never Ending Growth)

Leaders are always on a journey of growth. Though growth is difficult, progress equals happiness. As our journey of communication mastery matures, we must always be learning, growing, listening and developing ourselves towards effective communication for affecting change. 


Sam Cawthorn is the CEO and founder of the internationally awarded ‘Speakers Institute’. The Speakers Institute exists to empower and transform the next generation of speakers and influences around the globe. We run online events and live events around the world. Partners and supporters include TEDx, Google & Gallup among others.